The glitz and glamour of Cannes

So Aishwarya Rai and Sonam Kapoor are making waves at Cannes? Never mind!  We were on a Mediterranean cruise and spent a day in Cannes a week before the 2016 festival. Have a look at the real face of Cannes before the film festival.

Cannes is the resort town of the rich and the famous in the French Riveira. 

Tender boats got us to the port from the ship

One side is lined by the water front, and the other has these stunning villas, luxury hotels, boutiques and shops ranging from Cartier, Armani, Gucci, etc etc. I couldn’t but feel that I was in the midst of a James Hadley Chase novel!

The waterfront is the most exciting place to be

The port: yachts owned by the glitterati

Celebrity yachts you are unlikely to forget easily

Hôtel de Ville (The City Hall)

If you can afford a luxury hotel, they will give you a place on their private beach as well!

The marketplace selling beautiful paintings and antiques

The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès

All this hype is around this non-descript convention centre. Cannes was readying itself for the 2016 Film Festival. Is this a festival with a town attached?! 

All that hooplah that you see on TV is just this cramped space which is covered with a red carpet. Just 22 steps to walk into the main entrance. So much ado about this little shed-like space!

Sharon Stone’s hand print

Paul McCartney’s hand print

Meryl Streep’s hand print

La Croisette- the promenade to brush shoulders with the high and mighty!

It was interesting to hear Tunisian guys being able to pronounce Aishwarya Rai correctly. I had to give a long explanation about bindis to them!

Hey! I made going barefoot fashionable even before Julia Roberts did! 


Picturesque beaches where you could go celeb hunting!

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