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    Landscapes at Bor

    The usual notion is that wildlife sanctuaries are to look at animals. But sometimes the background and the wilderness are equally enchanting. Leaving you with some clicks from Bor Wildlife Sanctuary.

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    The Mussaenda Memories

    I was in Pondicherry three decades after I had left the place. Pondicherry is where I grew up, and memories from those formative years clung to me like a second skin. The house where we lived for…

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    Amaltas: The golden shower tree

    The golden chandelier-like blossoms make you stop in your tracks, even when the firmament is afire. Pendulous yellow flowers cascade down in plenty making the green of the leaves redundant. The golden shower tree or the golden…

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    Cheezbilai or Junglee Jalebi

    Just at dawn, on our walk, we discovered a flock of plum headed parakeets fly from one tree and rest on an adjacent branch and peck at something. They did that repeatedly and then one parakeet dropped…

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    The pumpkin patch

    This morning we discovered a pumpkin patch. Actually, it was more than a patch, it was a field where they were growing red pumpkins. I’ve always found the local nomenclature for pumpkins and squashes very confusing. Now, this one…