Invisible shutters
Clamp down
Over my speech
Over my thoughts
Over my heart.
And they profess to do it
Out of their love of me.

But their gilded cage
Doesn’t appeal to me.
Fly I will-
For these wings
Cannot be clipped.

I yearn for my freedom
Away from your disdain.

As the shadows of twilight
Grow longer
I’d rather sing my song alone
Than let my spirit be tamed
By invisible bars of disapproval.

– Anshu, 12 Oct 2016


(Featured picture: Figure at the window (1925) by Salvador Dali)


  • Saunved

    Hi Dr. Anshu
    The poem is indeed a beautiful expression of suffocation and subsequent rebellion. I have been following your blog with a lot of interest for a few weeks now and I must admit that you publish amazing stories and articles.

    I run a community blog called the Coffee Writers Blog, and I was wondering if you’d like to contribute to our community. If we could correspond via email or phone to discuss any doubts or details, that would be wonderful 🙂

    Thank you!

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