Cleansing ritual

The sound of the rains
Wakes me up
At the unearthly hour of four.

The rain pouring down
The broad plantain leaves
Outside my window
Sounds like the
Loud roar of a waterfall.

I hear the rain
Perform its yearly ritual
Of cleansing the earth.

In its gushing flow
I hear
The dust and the dirt
Being washed away.

I wake up to a fresh morning
Everything looks cleaner and greener-
The leaves glisten
As the boughs sway
Gently in the breeze.
It is a sight to die for!

How I long for such a downpour
Over our souls!
If only the rain could cleanse
Our minds of doubt,
If only the rains could cleanse
The cobwebs of fear
That encase your heart and mine.

And in that one downpour
I can see your heart embrace mine.
Devoid of distrust-
With the purity of
A child’s innocence.
What a beautiful sight that will be!

Anshu, 25 July 2016

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  • Lakshmi iyer

    Monsoons can stir up a lot of memories and events for many of us…they can make us think and do stuff hitherto not thought of..no wonder it’s said the magic of the monsoons or monsoon mania!!

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