The Pendant

This morning
I noticed
That a few tiny crystals
Had fallen off
My favourite pendant.
It has lost some of its shimmer
Though its elegance
Remains unaffected.


They say precious jewels
Are supposed to be stored
Encased in layers of silk
Shielded away from the eye
And they are not meant to be flaunted.
But I guess I wouldn’t have chosen it
If it didn’t feel perfect
Being displayed
Right next to my heart!


They say it can easily be replaced.
I’m sure it can
But what about the emotions
Attached to this one-
Can they be replaced as well?


Then try repairing it-
The next suggestion arrives.
I could.
But I’d rather
Keep it as it is
As a reminder
Of the fragility and frailty
Of precious things.
And wear it like it is
As a badge of honour
As a scar of a battle I once fought.


Anshu, 31 May 2016


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