The Dance of Fate

I saw Fate dance today.
She lifted her skirts a little
Stood tiptoe
And twirled across my canvas.

A canvas I had kept secure since long
And yearned to paint
With my imagination.
But she arrived unannounced
And just twirled in gay abandon
Splashing streaks of red and orange
Across my grey imagination
Never even bothering to ask
What I thought of it.

But I have to admit—
It was more beautiful
Than I ever imagined
And yet fit the boundaries
Of my imagination.
She made it look so simple.

We are naive
To believe that we can
Ever lasso Fate.
She comes, decides and paints her way.
All we can do is perhaps
Work hard towards preparing the easel
So that she can dance across
Nimble footed
And leave her spectacular imprints
Across the canvases of our memories.

Anshu, 2 Oct 2016


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