Memories of another day

Facebook has this feature called ‘Memories’. It is a feature which gives you great learning. Every morning it pops up something which was posted on your timeline on the same date, several years ago.

It shows you how you have grown. Horizontally. Across the midriff. It leaves you aghast with your sense of style. What were you even thinking when you wore those colours. It leaves you worrying about the newly appeared wrinkles, and the rapidly proliferating numbers of grey hair on your thinning scalp.

It shows you how you have grown. It makes you sentimental to see the people who are no longer in your life. Some because they no longer exist on this planet. Others who exist and now have no place in your life. And then others who grew from being nobodies to being the thickest of mates.

It also shows you how you have grown. In the mind. You read what you have written and grin. Did you really write that? How prophetic! But then it often teaches you to eat up your words. Even more entertaining is reading reactions of friends on your timeline. Curious, supportive, encouraging, irate, ridiculing. You have all sorts of comments.

Today, Facebook showed up comments from 16 May 2014. Extreme reactions. And a series of comments which now appear to be both zabardast education and fultoo entertainment. Especially when you see the parivartan. In mindsets. In outlook. Some telling silences. Some ‘I told you sos’.

Life is all about change. Chalte raho! But never forget your history!

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