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She walked into matrimony
Only to discover
That she’d been deceived.
Married to a man
Who was blind.

And then she decided
To stay blindfolded
For life,
In empathy.

I often wonder
If the choice she made
Was wise for a woman
Of her wisdom.

She could have been
His eyes,
His strength,
And erased his weakness.

She chose to stay mute
When Draupadi was disrobed.
Dhritarashtra was blind
Since birth —
And blinded again,
By the love for his sons.
But not Gandhari.
And yet she stayed voiceless.

We are all born with flaws
And yes,
Life does deceive us
But then on,
It is the choices we make —
To stay with the blindfold on,
And follow,
Or to speak up for dharma.

It is all about choices.

Anshu, 19 Dec 2019

(Featured drawing is ‘Gandhari’ by Amit Biswas)


  • Lakshmi iyer

    I too,often used to wonder along such thoughts,as to why Gandhari didn’t choose to be her consort’s support rather than making herself helpless?? How did that help?? Perhaps,we all ,somewhere or the other,do make choices which we think is the best at that time,only to be left with heavy remorse and regrets later!!

  • Dr Bhakti

    Same thing also applies for Karna. Despite of being such a brave yodha, chose the wrong side let adharma happen.

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