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Forward, forward

You rub your eyes
And yelp with glee
At the images free,
There are videos too
Gory and new!
So forward, forward
All morning and eve
Is it a game or a drug?
You just can’t leave!

Forward, forward
What an amusing game!

At level one
You make them squirm,
A couple protest
Their voices you squelch.
But you are a pro!
They told you so.
You can win
If you play through the din.
So forward, forward
You go on and on
To conquer the next levels
And see that they are gone!

Forward, forward
What an amusing game!

You proceed higher
A minaret falls
Some houses crumble
Are you content?
No, not at all!
Froth dribbles from your lips
And you move on to next level —
A few heads tumble
And they are real.
Your ego betrays a rumble
With tumble tumble.

Forward, forward
What an amusing game!

Is it time for dinner?
Or have you had your fill?
Wash your weary hands
Before the next kill.
But what do you see?
Blood on your hands!
Wash until you are weary
But the stains are stubborn
They refuse to even fade.
Are you suddenly afraid?

Forward, forward
Was an amusing game,
Were you the player?
Or were you being played?

Anshu, 26 February 2020

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