Dhaga: Desolate but beautiful

On Saturday, Saurabh and I decided to get away, and explore the quiet interiors of Wardha and we landed up in Dhaga.

As we moved from Anji to Mahakali and beyond to Dhaga, the landscape changed, and the trees alongside the roads were taller and denser. Excitement mounted as we saw flocks of peacocks and peahens in the forest.

And then we came across the Dham river— dried up and shriveled. There is something about a rocky river bed—and I had never crossed a river like this! And imagine driving the car across a rocky river bed and reaching an ancient Shiva temple located between the mountains of the Satpura range.

It was kind of eerie— silent and desolate, with the exception of a solitary pond heron, a few subdued monkeys and the occasional splash made by a kingfisher. It should be great to return here when the river is flowing by in its full vigour.

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