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Holi ke phool: Flame of the Forest

Flame of the Forest. Family Papilionaceae. Genus Butea. Species monosperma

Not every kid has known the pleasure of taking a walk with a Dad who’d walk with a small razor blade, snip off fallen flowers and explain floral diagrams in practice each morning. One day it was the camouflage of chameleons, the other- the medical uses of eucalyptus leaves. The walks and the conversations which made me think, reason and appreciate the world around me. Miss them immensely.

Palaash ke phool: When I see these bright orange fiery flowers lining the highway between Nagpur and Wardha I know it is time for Holi- the festival of colours. The biggest celebration in the year for us. Students from school would flock our home to play with their Principal Sir. And the kitchen would smell fragrant with all goodies throughout the day. And their smiles, laughs, banter, screams and shrieks would fill our lives.


Sadly, the two people who made us realize the importance of this beautiful festival in erasing all differences beween people- my parents- are no longer with us now. We will not be celebrating Holi this year. But somewhere I can feel their touch as they smear colour across my face and bless me a fruitful year ahead.

Happy holi everyone. May our beings be smeared in the same colours, so that we no longer differentiate between each other.

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